It is important to exercise a lot and do a lot of yoga. I remember initially wanting to take lemon water just because I heard about it but didn’t know how beneficial it was to my health. Lemon water seems to have so many benefits to the human body. Let us take a look at the importance of lemon water

Strengthens your immunity

Vitamin C is what is used to jumpstart the body’s immunity. There is plenty of vitamin C found in lemon water which would explain why people who take lemon water rarely fall sick. Any time you also have stress then the level of vitamin C goes down. This is why it is advisable to take lemon water whenever you are stressed.

Acts as antiseptic

Lemon has got antiseptic qualities. This means that your blood, liver, and kidneys can be cleansed and enjoy this antiseptic effect when you consume lemon water. This same property can also help to stop internal bleeding. Your general wellbeing and how you feel during the day can be an effect of having either a severe kidney or a liver that has been overworked. It is therefore important to consider taking lemon water every day.

Oral care

Lemon water is particularly helpful in dental care and oral hygiene. If you have a toothache, applying lemon water or gaggling it in your mouth can help to ease the pain. Lemon water also helps to stop bleeding in gums while also getting rid of the terrible smell that comes from having gum diseases. If you take all of this into consideration, you will realize the importance of using toothpaste that contains lemon because it helps to cleanse your teeth.

Good for your skin

Consumption of lemon water can leave your skin very healthy. I didn’t know how important lemon water was to the skin until I started taking a glass every day. This is because it has high levels of vitamin C. It, therefore, helps to cleanse and to detoxify the skin. The fact that it has antioxidant properties are a plus to ensuring that your skin is always healthy. Consider taking at least one or two glasses of water daily.


Aids in digestion of fats

This must be some good news to so many people who like indulging in greasy foods. Taking lemon water ensures that your liver is producing more bile than it normally does. This bile is used for digesting fats. It is therefore advisable to take a glass of lemon water before or after a greasy meal.